Review: One Last Night

One Last Night by Abram Bussiere is not a game I expected to find in Game Chef. It’s a drinking game.

Unlike most drinking games, the object of One Last Night is not to make participants share and/or do embarrassing things. Instead it has players compile a pre-apocalyptic wish list – things to do before the world ends and we all die, and then play out the difficulties of choosing between them with limited time, as well as the joy of getting each done.

Despite the looming apocalypse, the game seems to promote a light and cheerful tone of narration, highlighting the best things life has to offer.

Narration is kept structured and coherent via the use of a talking stick, passed from player to player. And while I think this is a great idea, I have a feeling some way of keeping the rest of the group involved would be welcome, especially since it’s not very realistic to expect the group to be quiet and just listen in the, um, “late stages” of the game.

I must admit I found the wording of the rules to occasionally be slightly confusing or ambiguous. For example: “all players choose items from the list to be Desires, selecting one for every other player in the game” – does that mean I assign a Desire to every other player? No, I pick a number of Desires for my character. But that only becomes clear from the next sentence or two.

Overall, this seems like a fun game to play. I can certainly see it played at the Polish conventions I visit. The alcohol is already there, so why not…

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