Braythe: a world twice unknown

I’ve just finished my first session in the world of Braythe.

Braythe is the brainchild of Heiner de Wendt, who I met on Twitter. It is a world born anew after a magical apocalypse.

While I can’t tell you much about the setting yet, I can say this: it feels great to explore an unknown and strange world.

And Braythe is unknown twice over.

By definition, every new setting is unknown to you as a player.

But the character you play usually knows a fair bit about the world, its magic, creatures living in it, and more. After all, they’ve lived in this world all their life.

And so the feeling of wonder I had exploring, say, the world of Eberron, was mine, but did not always extend to the worldly & experienced character I played.

Braythe is different.

The world was reforged, brought to a strange new dimension, and suffused with strange and powerful magics. People, animals and plants merged or changed, creating both new beauty and various grisly abominations.

At the start of the campaign, my PC has lived in this new world for a couple of years, rebuilding their life, like all the other survivors. He knows a bit about the geography, has a general understanding of who the movers and shakers are in his region, and… That’s it.

The rest is a mystery, and every step is discovery – both for the player and for the character.

Much like in the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon a bunch of normal kids get transported from our Earth to a world of magic and adventure.

In Heiner’s Braythe: Shattered Realities you are a survivor of the end of the world. Your life began anew as the planet of Virthys was destroyed. Will you learn to thrive?

If you’d like to find out, check out Braythe on WorldAnvil.

You’ll probably hear more about my mischievous wizard’s adventures in Braythe as the campaign progresses. Stay tuned.

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