Review: The Game in Last Appearances #4

This game got to me. It’s the worst practical joke you can play on a geek. Reading through the introduction left me thinking “Wait, what?!” – you’ll know what I mean when you read it.

The Game in Last Appearances #4 by Paul Czege is set in the DC Universe. It has the players tell the story of 3 great DC superheroes fighting over a certain young lady by the name of Madkitten.


Review: Tears in Rain

As part of my participation in Game Chef I am to review four games submitted by other contestants.

One of these is Tears in Rain by Alex Mayo, a game of past regrets and mistakes.

In this game you play a man slowly dying in his sleep, enveloped in the freezing cold of a damaged cryosleep pod, onboard a spaceship that can explode any minute now. Or maybe it will just drift in space for eternity, the steel coffin for your dead body. Before that happens, though, you dream your last dreams… What a powerful and intriguing idea!


03:19 am

Thanks to the Earth’s continued rotation it is now 3:19 AM where I live.

I’ve just finished a game called Lies of Passage, my submission for this year’s Game Chef competition. I am tired, slightly agitated and extremely happy with myself. I expect all three states to vanish by morning.

In the process of submitting my entry I managed to create this blog, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now.

Expect this blog to have posts on game design, haiku, heraldry, technology, art and history. In any order and proportions.

I’ll start with game design, though. Once I get some sleep.