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Ring Mimic

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The ring mimic is a D&D 5E magic item and a monster in one, designed to be a fun encounter – and perhaps a gruesome little pet – for your PCs.

This PDF booklet contains:

  • game stats of the ring mimic monster,
  • adventure hooks and story ideas,
  • advice on running encounters with the ring mimic

Ring Mimic reviews

Excellent little monster with so many adventure possibilities added to the document. But the inspiration is really limitless if you like mimics, especially when they’re this small, cute and brutal.

Emir Pašanović

I love mimics. And having one that is also a (possibly cursed, possibly not) magic item is a lot of fun! I especially appreciate the story ideas, and the really creepy Ravenloft variant. Recommended!

Trevor S.

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