Lies of Passage

Important notice

This game was a Game Chef finalist in 2012. It was written in 7 days and is far from perfect. It has not been updated since.

Parts of the text are culturally insensitive or worse. Read the post mortem blog post to find out why this is the case and what I’ve learned.

* * *

A friendly story game of believable lies, played around a campfire and loosely based on Native American myths and legends.

The beginning is simple:

Each year a pack of Young coyotes comes of age and wishes to be recognized as full members of the Coyote Nation, that great and ancient family of tricksters and vagabonds.

And since the time of the First Howl the Young have been given one test – the quest for the Secret of Fire. When they return to their homelands and light a bonfire, an Old One appears and asks the question – “How did this Fire come into being?”

But the Young, being coyotes, can’t answer this question, at least not truthfully. So they lie.